Yuri Pattison’s work inhabits the aesthetics of monitors and screens frequently seen in public spaces such as corporate and hotel lobbies and airport lounges; screens that often feature a combination of rolling news and closed captioned subtitles, or ‘lower thirds crawl’.

His work for Der Würfel, ‘context collapse surveys’, presents footage from two miniature model parks: Tobu World Square, Japan and Gulliver’s Gate, New York. These model parks complete with their miniature world attractions, present an idealised and compressed view of the world, often betraying the viewpoints of their creators.

The park in Japan presents a vision of the world in which the Twin Towers still stand and Woody Allen style Jazz music is piped in, whilst Gulliver’s Gate knowingly presents a violent and unfortunate vision of America with frequent scenes of death, accidents, and police oppression.

Overlaid and rendered in real time are live data feeds, generated from current US and International rolling news. With this are combined headlines lifted from twitter, whilst further abstraction is produced using the same systems to create political ‘twitter bots’.

The entire work is generated and managed via a networked commercial Digital Signage Software (DSS) solution.