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For Art-O-Rama 2017 Neumeister Bar-Am present french duo estrid lutz emile mold (born 1993 Sarajevo, BiH and 1988 Tours, FR, respectively) who are currently in the middle of their two year residency hosted by the city of Marseille. The solo presentation includes five new lenticular works, 180 x 120 cm each.

Replacing a typical white wall, these artworks are displayed on a minimal sculptural structure, a bare-bones economic solution for hanging that responds to the context of the fair and provides transparency for the lenticulars, which can be seen from all sides through the framework. Accompanying the structure and lenticular works are custom booth furnishings (seating and table) that recall large construction fragments familiar to images of war torn cities.

Each lenticular work displays a set of five to seven images interlaced into one another, which alternate depending on ones viewing angle. The shifting surface therefore flicks between views of architectures, ruins, bodies, flesh, animals, landscapes, and other organic and technological infrastructures – predominantly utilising 2 and 3D stock images – each weaving together a story for the viewer to see as they pass by creating a narrative vision of our complex contemporary environment.

– Text by Ché Zara Blomfield