Dead Swan (Döner-Kebab Jewellery Box), 2016

Music box, dried watermelon, epoxy resin, jewellery, tune of the Dying Swan
24 x 25 x 22 cm

For the fourth Würfel TLV Neumeister Bar-Am is proud to present Dying Swan by Israeli born artist Sigalit Landau.

In an ordinary jewellery music box where a small ballerina once revolved, plays a calm, known, but un-cheerful tune; The Dying Swan by Saint-Saëns. Surrounded by the jewellery of a girl, pirouettes not a ballerina but a döner-Kebab, turning like oriental food in the streets; a cultural counterpoint to the romantic traditions of Europe evoked by the box and its original use.

Documentation photography: Tal Nisim –