Aaron Graham & Bryan Morello – Send Cycle

16.09 – 07.11.15 Images »
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Send Cycle is a collaboration between Aaron Graham and Bryan Morello that has been developing since 2009. As they have been working remotely, from NYC and LA respectively, they have made use of various means of digital media to overcome their distance and in doing so this communication became the theme of the exhibition.

By combining their own staged photography with material found online they arrive at image and sculpture works that speak of an “urgent combination of the high and low tech” in order to transit information. They reference, for example: “holding up a piece of paper with handwriting on it in a digital photograph”, an act familiar to verification of identity and gender in chat forums, as a “scramble to communicate your presence in time and space”, an affirmation of physicality in the network.

Graham and Morello relate to the recording of an event by an amateur cinematographer, an action which both embeds the witness within the event and at the same time creates distance: “turning the event into the subject of visual investigation, by recounting it not as the affected subject, but as a narrator, and as a historian” (Sohrab Mohebbi – Presence Documents).

Resultantly Send Cycle embodies a vibrant zone of transmission, where objects, people and particles are in a complex dialogue with one another, a constant transmission.