Jeffrey Alan Scudder – Radical Digital Painting

  • Jeffrey Alan Scudder

Jeffert Alan Scudder, Tumpin, 2017

Neumeister Bar-Am is delighted to present for the finissage of its exhibition New Dawn “Radical Digital Painting” – a performance by Jeffrey Alan Scudder, presented with

Saturday 29rd July, 8-11 pm

In a performative lecture, Jeffrey Alan Scudder will produce two large-scale chalk drawings on the gallery wall and demonstrate his idiosyncratic suite of homegrown software instruments followed by a Q&A with the audience. His latest work “tumpin“, available from, will also be on display.

“Top mathematicians and painters often work at the same scale. The professor’s large, mural sized blackboard provides a liminal space in which abstractions are developed, whereas the painter’s canvas serves as an indelible artifact of material composition. Painting today aspires to be understood through a set of abstract terms, similar to those which have been developed for mathematics, poetry, and computer science. A painting is just a kind of picture message.

Painter David Hockney once said `Video brings its time to you, and you bring your time to painting, and that difference will always be there.’ What would it be like to play a painting? It would be the most beautiful thing in the system. It would be more beautiful than the thing itself. A beautiful painting is a poem that can be executed over and over again. Repetition is the only thing that makes something less random than it already is. Painting is the best video game.”

Jeffrey Alan Scudder, b.1989 – lives in Maine and Massachusetts, where he spends his time programming and making pictures. Jeffrey has taught at UCLA and Parsons – The New School for Design, and worked previously at the design studio Linked by Air. He received an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University School of Art in 2013.