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Neumeister Bar Am @ ART ROTTERDAM 2017

For Art Rotterdam 2017 Neumeister Bar-Am presents Dutch artist Harm van den Dorpel (1981) in his first solo presentation in The Netherlands. 

In his work Van den Dorpel’s investigates human-computer relations, specifically by comparing artificial intelligence to subjective knowledge. 

The booth consists of artwork from his new series ‘Death Imitates Language’ (DIL) which is a generative software programmed by Van den Dorpel to “genetically” produce image offspring which mutate and become more selective, both with input from the artist and visitors to DIL manifests as the website and “boxed collages”: multi-layered semi transparent-acrylic works which are each 100 x 100 x 3.6 cm. 

DIL has been exhibited in Museum Kurhaus Kleve and Neumeister Bar-Am and written about in magazines and newspapers including; Tagesspiegel (German), Metropolis M (Dutch), Format Magazine, artnet, and in the Wer nicht denken will, fliegt raus catalogue.

Additionally to DIL a presentation of downloadable objects commissioned by Harm van den Dorpel for his project ‘’ will be presented on a local network at the fair. utilises the newly available blockchain to register the uniqueness of the objects. His own work ‘event listeners’ – a screensaver of ‘generative lindenmayer systems iterating over dissociative feels of social inadequacy’ – became the first artwork acquired by a museum using bitcoin in 2015. 

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