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For abc Kate Cooper presents the first of a new series of work, continuing her ongoing interest in the role of gender and autonomy within image production and distribution.

Cooper proposes magic and predictions, such as astrology, as strategies to re-negotiate and invent new infrastructures for artistic production, investigating magic as a form of agency, and creativity as a space of political autonomy.

The work considers the process where one might take in their surroundings or another’s emotions, an absorption, as an inherent quality within a gendered mode of existing. Exploring absorption as emotional labour, performed as a service where affects and experiences are consumed by our bodies, Cooper asks: what does it mean to be immersed in something? Especially when this transference between our network and our body is charged and flowing.

abc art berlin contemporary

Station Berlin
Luckenwalder Strasse 4—6
10963 Berlin
U-Bahn Gleisdreieck (U1, U2)


Thursday, 17 September | 4 – 9 pm

Opening hours
Friday, 18 September | 12 – 7 pm
Saturday, 19 September | 12 – 7 pm
Sunday, 20 September | 12 – 6 pm